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Mark Murphy

1654 days ago
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Mark M Send presentations (ppt, or URL) to taizoon@xovix.com.
Ryan S Don't forget to submit your project idea at: http://hackforchange.org/submit for a showcase via an event at the White House. Also, dont' forget to submit your survey on your experiences here: http://hackforchange.org/survey (this will help us improve the success of future hacking endeavors).
1654 days ago
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Mark M Hackathon Best Practices
  • You only have one day. 
  • You want it functional by noon.
  • Every shortcut you could think of you use.
  • Use open source software that’s half way there
  • You don’t have to demo everything. If it’s broken don’t demo.
  • Version Control!!!!!
  • Functional prototypes may suffice.
  • Check out Google visualization and charting tools
1655 days ago
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  • Interactive datasets on data.gov. Good for ideas. Number 1 popular? White House Vistitor Records Requests.
Mark M Mashup and API Tools
  • Programmable Web. Thousands of other APIs to mash with government data. Tools. Examples.
  • All participants can apply their Elance credit to hire a designer, copywriter, developer or other freelancer to help complete their project.
  • How to claim it: Email hackday@elance.com and Elance will send you the username and password for accounts that have been pre-funded with $150. You can request accounts for all your participants or have your participants email Elance directly. Credits can be requested all the way up until event completion.
  • More about Elance:  Elance is where you can find top-rated freelancers. From global corporations to start-ups, more than 1 million jobs are completed annually through Elance.  Whether you need a single freelancer or an entire team, you'll find top talent from programmers, mobile app developers and 3D animation experts to writers, graphic artists and search engine marketers. The process for hiring freelancers is easy and you can have a freelancer working on your project in hours.
  • Fine print:  None other than you must use your $150 by June 30th. Posting jobs on Elance is free and you can typically have someone get started on your project in hours.
1657 days ago
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Wifi. Use the tguest network. user: odchguest  pw: odch@thetus
Mark M Getting In and Out. The door to the building will be locked. A sign on the door will tell you one of our associates to call to get in. Please use the stairs or have the associate escort you up the elevator (it requires a code)
Parking. 1st and Davis garage is closest all day lot. Arrive early. Remember the Saturday Market starts at 9A.
Be Comfortable. Feel free to move tables and chairs as you need. Use the open conference rooms, the kitchen and relaxing areas
1657 days ago
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Mark M Submitting to White House
Submit their projects for consideration by the White House and other partners! You can submit between June 1st and June 30th at hackforchange.org/submit
The Civic Data Challenge
If you are looking for more help and a good roadmap event as a next step, this challenge might well be it. The organizer sent us the information here.
  • (www.civicdatachallenge.org) turns the raw data of ‘civic health’ into useful applications and visualizations that have direct impact on public decision-making. In order to achieve an exceptional level of real-world usefulness, designers, data scientists, researchers, and application developers are encouraged to collaborate with local leaders and respond to the needs of specific communities or social issues. 
  • We had a brainstorming phase in early spring and we launched our Creation Phase on Friday. We're encouraging everyone interested in participating to attend NDoCH events, form teams, connect with community organizations and begin building products to address community needs and social issues. Participants can begin submitting entries now but the deadline for submissions isn't until July 28. Finalists will move on to the Implementation Phase where they will work with community partners to pilot their product.
  • I've attached our rubric in case you have any attendees who are interested in participating. Additional materials, including Civic Health data and a collection of resources, can be found on our website (www.civicdatachallenge.org).
  • Feel free to reach out with any questions. We are still looking for partners so please let me know if you'd like to learn more about the Challenge and how you can get involved.
1659 days ago
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Lindsay E ActivateHub
ActivateHub.org - Event Calendar for Civic Engagement & Activist Events
  • Finding mindless entertainment is easy; online calendars galore exist for sports, music and movies in every city.  Finding meaningful ways to get involved in your community:  difficult and time-consuming!
  • Current event sources like Meetup or FB require you set-up an account, and already be plugged in to certain communities, and individually visit relevant group pages.
  • Visiting the websites of every non-profit or grassroots organization in your city and searching for their events is time-consuming and inefficient!  Signing up for all their newsletters clutters your inbox.
  • Organizations have very few targeted channels for reaching reaching prospective members.  Important events go missed in the clutter of inbox newsletters.
  • For individuals seeking to get involved in an issue, or organizations seeking allies, there is currently no comprehensive list of organizations filterable by the topics they work on.
  • The above illustrates problems with engagement in ones' own city. The problem is amplified when trying to progressive communities in a city you're visiting, or organizing movements regionally & nationally. 
  • Any organization can create an account on ActivateHub.org, and link their Google or iCal.  Our site will pull from their data source every 24 hours, ensuring their events show up on our calendar, tagged with the topics they work on.
  • They are also added to our filterable organization list.
  • ActivateHub.org can also import from FB feeds, or individual Meetup events.
  • Allowing comments on events will provide valuable feedback to event organizers, and allow the conversation to continue for those who were moved to action by the event.
  • Finding events or ally organizations in other cities across the country will be easy!
  • As a central hub for civic engagement, the site can break down silohs and foster collaboration.  It also serves as an ideal place for en masse Calls to Action, be it political or in Emergency Response and Natural Disaster situations.  
Development Details:
  • This is a Ruby on Rails, open source project, utilizing the Calagator code base.
  • There is also, currently, a WordPress component, serving as our splash page and informational page.
  • We utilize a Full Calendar jquery plug-in that needs some love!
  • We use an agile project management tool, Pivotal Tracker.
Team Needs Include:
  • In addition to the above tech specs, we need SEO, social marketing & Google Analytics pros.
  • Connections throughout the non-profit world. Working with orgs to link to our site is key! We exist to drive the public to engage in social change, driving folks to relevant organizations and their events is key!
  • We expect to incorporate as a B Corps.  Legal counsel would be useful!

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