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Richard Amerman

1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jen Memhard , Richard Amerman 1654 days ago
  (What key points and features will help inform and compell the audience and judges)
While there will be a wide swath of homebuyers that have zero interest in energy or sustainability, the solution will narrow this field down to those green-minded homebuyers who are looking at acquiring retrofit-optimal homes.
1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jen Memhard , Richard Amerman 1654 days ago
Jen M Data sources
Jen M ETO records for houses where energy work has been done
Tax records
Urban Growth Boundary
Zillow & TRULIA
  • API is not uniform
  • Walkscore
  • Is this done by default for every house
  • Then select for high scores
  • or does the seller opt-in?
  • Then having a score at all makes them a target for us
Data needed
  • Size
  • age
  • type
  • value
  • sales history
  • Is part of renewal district? (Y/N)
  • taxes paid
  • green / energy efficiency attributes
  • Has it recently been through a remodel
  • What equipment has already been installed?
  • neighborhood characteristics
  • FSBO.com (for sale by owner)
1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Richard Amerman , Jen Memhard 1654 days ago
Richard A Key Points of the Story
  • The Energy Upgrade Mortgage
  • The actors
  • Home Buyer
Jen M
  • Home Seller
Richard A
  • Mortgage  Broker
  • Bank-Lender
  • Realestate Agent
  • Point of engagement
  • The UI
  • How it would play out
  • Lack of success over 15+ years using traditional methods
  • Identifying Ideal Properties
  • Identifying Ideal Home Buyers 
  • Must be engadged in the home buying process through searches for properties, loans, or other related activities
  • Zil

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