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Targeting retrofit prospects to engage in energy efficient and green upgrades 
High performance (energy and green) upgrades to homes has limited adoption (even in Portland). The optimal time to engage is ahead of the purchase of a home. This is when the new-homeowner-to-be is the most enthused and engaged at renovating their new residence. Upgrade costs that address energy and sustainability can easily be rolled into the financing application if the homeowner-to-be is engaged early enough. The challenge is identifying who these potential homeowners early enough in the cycle so that loan officers can apply an Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EIM) product to for the buyer.
Value of Solution…
Cracking the retrofit problem nationally has huge value. Over half the carbon emissions from the built environment come from operating homes. Offering the EIM product at the time a buyer is applying for a traditional mortgage will fundamentally affect the adoption of green and energy efficiency practices as part of the remodel homes typically undergo in the first 6 months of acquisition.
Solution Described…
1.     Identify possible target homes (age, land value, size, home type, value, ownership/turnover);
1539 days ago
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12:30 ID + render
1:00 PPT + ID + consumer
3:30 Wrap up
3:30 - 4:00 Prepare presentation
4:00 Presentation
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  • The Energy Upgrade Mortgage
  • The actors
  • Home Buyer
  • Home Seller
  • Mortgage  Broker
  • Bank-Lender
  • Realestate Agent
  • Point of engagement
  • The UI
  • How it would play out

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