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Air, water and energy security (AWE) pose acute and chronic risks to enterprises and communities in regions that are particularly vulnerable to climate instability and population growth.  Environmental laws and regulations will never be sufficiently robust nor sufficiently enforced to address the pace and complexity of AWE risks.  While laws and regulations are essential elements of any long-term solutions, government austerity measures are limiting the reach of enforcement activities to ensure compliance and protect air and water resources.    
Value of Solution…
Technological, institutional and behavioral strategies to minimize and manage AWE risks will speed the development and deployment of innovations to make enterprises and communities more resilient, adaptive and prosperous in the face of rapid climate and population changes. Effective solutions will incorporate incentives, leverage market forces, and promote public engagement and collaboration at local and regional scales of action.   Effective, long-term solutions will apply closed-loop and systematic solutions that address AWE risks, holistically.  
Solution Described…
The solution entails both micro and macro approaches to technological, institutional and behavioral innovation. The first phase is democratic and focused on educating and engaging citizens at hyper-local scales of action… home, neighborhood and community.  The second phase is institutional and market-oriented, focusing on the integration of technologies, urban design, institution-building and financial innovations to grow new resilient communities that convert AWE risks into long-term community opportunities and assets.  The first phase will be launched at the Civic Hack in Portland, Oregon.
Phase 1. Build a mobile/desktop application that makes it possible to map air, water and energy resources for a given location or geography.  Support discovery of existing environmental conditions and risks, links to associated online information and resources, and sharing of information and ideas via social media.  Provide a mechanism for citizens to post reports of environmental violations, including time-stamped and geo-located photographs.

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