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1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Richard Amerman , Jen Memhard 1654 days ago
Jen M ETO records for houses where energy work has been done
Tax records
portland.craigslist.org --> address --> portlandmaps.com
  • 9344 N Haven, Portland (LINNELL ROSANNA)
  • 4939 NE 26th Ave (GPB CONSTRUCTION INC)
  • 3317 NW 154th Ave (ALLEN BARRY W & ALLEN,KELLY E)
  • 222 NE Alberta St (ZETO HOMES LLC)
1654 days ago
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Mark M Send presentations (ppt, or URL) to taizoon@xovix.com.
1654 days ago
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Jen M Working  notes
Working  note
Property characteristics
  • (1) Targeting Properties: Characteristics of a home (old enough)
  • Age
  • building characteristics
  • Last time house was bought
  • If bought 2 years ago, not likely to be sold
  • Areas of PDX going through gentrification (hot prospect for remodeling)
  • Pearl
  • Alberta
  • Tax records
  • Permits
  • Realtor surveys
  • RMLS
  • (2) Targeting Prospective Homeowners 
  • Characteristics - certain buyers are more interested
  • Baby boomers
  • Millenials
  • Cultural Creatives (NPR, Organic, bicycle to work, donate to causes)
Structure our time today - 
  • What can we accomplish. 
  • What path do we want to go down.
Permits (Beaverton): if you have an addres, you can pull the permit info for that house.
  • An individual who is selling a house that is a high-efficiency home - they are more likely to want to buy a home like that, or buy a home that they can do that 
1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mark Murphy 1654 days ago
Mark M Hackathon Best Practices
  • You only have one day. 
  • You want it functional by noon.
  • Every shortcut you could think of you use.
  • Use open source software that’s half way there
  • You don’t have to demo everything. If it’s broken don’t demo.
  • Version Control!!!!!
  • Functional prototypes may suffice.
  • Check out Google visualization and charting tools
1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Richard Amerman , Jen Memhard 1654 days ago
Richard A Key Points of the Story
  • The Energy Upgrade Mortgage
  • The actors
  • Home Buyer
Jen M
  • Home Seller
Richard A
  • Mortgage  Broker
  • Bank-Lender
  • Realestate Agent
  • Point of engagement
  • The UI
  • How it would play out
  • Lack of success over 15+ years using traditional methods
  • Identifying Ideal Properties
  • Identifying Ideal Home Buyers 
  • Must be engadged in the home buying process through searches for properties, loans, or other related activities
  • Zil
1654 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ivar Vong , Justin Houk 1654 days ago
Justin H
  • Portland
1655 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by M Edward Borasky 1655 days ago
I have the 2010 data ('summary file 1' for Census geeks) down to the block group level working; block level is giving me some grief, though. I'm hoping to get the ACS data captured by Saturday. If there are other Census geeks around, please let me know if you've got some shortcuts. Yes, I know there's a nifty API that returns JSON - I've got an API key. But you need to know what you're looking for to make the API useful. ;-)
M B I now have the ACS *raw* (*very* raw) data for Oregon and Washington from the ACS 1-year, 3-year and 5-year datasets (all ending in 2011 - the most recent). I've found a website / Github repository with scripts for importing said data into a PostgreSQL database. Apparently the Center  for Urban Research in NYC solved this problem for themselves - 
I'll be running these scripts at some time in the future but it's highly unlikely I'll do it before the hackathon is done.
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